Monday, January 23, 2012

Working toward a tournament.

So I one of the Semi-Local game stores is having it's monthly 40k tournament this Saturday so I thought I would try to bring my Celestial Lions army and give them a go. The tournament in not 3 colors min, but I thought I would challenge myself to bring a fully painted army. The issue with that is I don't even have 1500 points built yet. Over the last week or 2 I did build and paint my AoBR Captain and Rhino and built the Assault Marines from the Battle Force. But that was about it, I was waiting on the magnets and Scibor parts that I posted on earlier.


AoBR Captain w/Relic Blade

So I had to go to work on writing an army list that would do "ok" and that I would be able to hopefully have painted for the tournament. I settled on a list last week.

Titus Leonis Maximus (Counts as Vulkan)

Ironclad Dread w/H.Flamer & Meltagun, Drop Pod
Ironclad Dread w/H.Flamer & Meltagun, Drop Pod
7x Assault Terminators w/2 LC & 5 TH/SS, Land Raider Crusader w/Multi-Melta

10x Tac Marines w/Melta, Missile Launcher, Powerfist, Rhino
5x Scouts w/Bolt Pistol, CCW, Powerfist, Combi-Melta

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder Storm w/Multi-Melta

Now I have to build a Land Raider Crusader and Land Speeder Storm from the Space Marine Megaforce that just came in, as well as I have to get a Scout Sgt with Powerfist, Tac Sgt with Powerfist, Meltagunner, and Missile Launcher Marine all built and magnetized. I also have the second pair of Contemptor arms to build and magnetize and magnetize the AoBR Terminators to have the Lightning Claws that were left over from the Assault Terminator box.

So I busted my hump this weekend. I made some molds of power fists for the Tac and Scout Sergeants and made some copies for them. I build the Missile Marine from AoBR and with some Dremel work got the Lion Shoulder pad on him. Magnetized the AoBR Terminators. Build and magnetized the Land Raider Crusader, and Land Speeder Storm. I also magnetized the Meltagunner so that I can switch out his guns... So far I have used about 100 of the 1/8th in magnets and half a dozen of the 1/16th inch ones.

Here is the end result of a hectic weekend.

Now to start painting everything...

Do you guys think I will have it done by Friday? I have some been invited to be on the Podcast "Life After the Cover Save" on Friday night, so I won't have any time to work then. If you aren't busy on Friday night check out the show live. They normally broadcast on UStream at  you can also find them on iTunes or they will post a direct link the their newest episodes here on their forums.

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