Thursday, January 26, 2012

Painted Army Self Challenge Update 2!

Man do I hate myself for some reason. Sorry I did not get an update posted last night, I was up till 3:00 this morning trying to get to a point that I felt I could stop with still having my end goal in sight. So all I did was take some pictures and go to bed. Now what I am showing is not done, but is at a good point to finish off tonight along with the Land Raider. I will post a couple pics for each unit as I am don't know that pictures are better... being color blind does not help at this point. So lets start...

AoBR Terminators w/ Lightning Claws!

5 Man Scout Squad!

Tac Marines!

So at this point I need to finish off and touch up these models and paint the rest of the Land Raider. I also made couple Multi-Meltas so I can have one on the Land Raider as well as mount one on the Land Speeder Storm (as it only comes with a Heavy Bolter).

I hope to have another update for you tonight! I am going to keep my fingers crossed that I don't have to stay up till 3 and on get another couple hours of sleep before work.

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