Friday, January 27, 2012

Painted Army Self Challenge Update 3!

Revenge of the Land Raider!

Ok, well last night I worked on the Land Raider and that was about it. I planned on finishing the models from the other night but I did not have the time (stopped at 1:00 again). The Land Raider is also not finished, it needs more detail work done and highlights, but it is well more then "3 colors" even if it doesn't look like it right away. So here it is. You may notice the hole on the top, that's where the Multi-Melta should go but it's not built yet. I will have to try and get that done tonight after the podcast appearance. 

The Lions don't appear that well in the picture as the light appears to wash out the highlight that I did. They are all done with a Astronomican Gray and then I do an edge highlight with Skull White. As this may be the last post before the Tournament this weekend I will try to remember to take some Pics of the army all together as well as some of the competition.

And don't forget about listening to "Life After the Cover Save" tonight (episode 43). It should start on Ustream at 7:00 Pacific. I have been told that we will be talking about the Apoc game from earlier this month, as well as the "leaked" 6th ed rules, and the 40K in a Flash champagne that I have been running at my store.

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