Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tournament Recap

Ok, so lets start with the LFGS Tournament that I ran on Sunday. I increased the game size to 1850 and we had a better turnout then back in November, this time we had 6 people and one of them was a new player to our store. I used the same missions as the last tournament but in a different order. So round 1 we had some interesting match ups.

Round 1:
Space Wolves (LoganWing) VS "Red Scorpions" Dark Angels (Deathwing) 

Tyranids (Null Deployment) VS Blood Angels

Eldar VS Dark Eldar (Wych Cult)

Round 1 I matched up the Loganwing and Deathwing only because I thought it would be a really interesting fight to happen. The Dark/Eldar players were both a bit late so I paired them up and the BA and Nids just ended up being stuck with one another. 2 of the games were solid victories for the BA and the DE, the Terminator lists tied on objectives and it came down to victory points. The Dark Angeles were able to pull it off by about 80 points.

Round 2:
Blood Angels VS Dark Angels (Objective tie, DA win on VP)
Space Wolves VS Dark Eldar (DE Victory) 
Eldar VS Nids (Nid Victory)

Round 3:
Space Wolves VS Nids (Nid Victory)
Eldar VS Blood Angels (BA Victory)
Dark Angels VS Dark Eldar (Objective tie, DA win on VP)

So at the end of the day Dark Angels walk away with the big prize for Best General, and the Space Wolves walked away with Best Painted. I allotted 2:20 per round but it turned out that almost everyone finished their games in about 2:00 so we were able to cut out some time off the end of the day. One thing I will have to change is the Sportsmanship scores. I was using a 0-3 scale for the players to judge their opponent by, but it appears they all are too nice about their games because we had a 4 way tie for first. Everyone was just giving out 3s... It looks like I will have to change it to "Pick your favorite opponent" so that I can give out more prizes. I think they were all trying to avoid looking like a "dick" for marking their opponent down on scores.

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  1. I like the idea of best general. At my store, we have just thrown out "soft" scores beyond painting scores given out by the TO. The Wing on Wing game sounded interesting.

    Pictures of Tables with armies deployed first turn are always great and I like to see them.