Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hobby delay

So with the Holidays and the busy family schedule I have not been able to get too much hobby work done. All I have really bee able to accomplish in the last couple weeks has been building 1 Assault Marine Sargent with Thunder Hammer. He is kind of cool though as I have decided to put all the Assault Marines on a flying stand but on a standard base. I think I will magnetize them for easy transport and is anyone questions standard LOS I can magnetize them to the base as the flying part should be only there for looks and not to gain any type of advantage. 

One other delay that I have run into has been that I ran out of magnets. So I just placed an order for 200 1/8" magnets and 100 1/16" magnets from for about $35 after shipping. I have used these guys for years and just in case I looked as some war gaming websites that sell magnets and can't believe some of the prices they charge. One site I recently looked at had 50 1/8" magnets for about $15, at that rate I would have only been able to get 100 magnets for the same price I just picked up 300! I can understand trying to make a profit and all, but that kind of price difference seems a little outrageous. 

In other news my FLGS let me host an Apoc game this last Monday. I wanted it to be just a fun game with all kinds of stuff being blown up and killed so I did not put any restrictions on how many super heavies or Str:D weapons anyone could bring and did not limit the Strategic Assets. The only limits were 3,000 points per player and you needed to have the data sheet for what you were playing, with 1 exception. One of our local Ork players has a really nicely build Gargant with Belly Gun and all, there is no "official" datasheet for this monstrosity available but he had his own that I review. It was 1500 points as he based it off a Reaver Titan and I think it worked well except I think one of his weapons was a little to strong, but other then that it was fine.

The game ended up being with only 4 people including myself, so it was 6,000 points each side. The teams were Tau and Orks VS Blood Angles, Space Marines, Chaos, and IG. We took the game to the end of turn 5 in 3.5 hrs and called it a tie. At the end the Marines had 1 objective and the Orks/Tau had none, but would have easily destroyed my Chimera with Armored Fist Squad and Lugft Huron with the Gargant in the next turn. It was interesting to see Tau standing alone for 1.5 turns as the Ork player held everything in strategic reserve in-order to take advantage of the Flank March Asset with 2 Stompas, 1 Gargant, and 3 Dreads. 

There were some funny point in the game that made everyone laught. Like when after a unit of Fire Warriors got destroyed by Kharn and his Berzerkers but had 1 man left who sucessfully ran away, only to regroup in his next turn to run back at the Berzerkers and rapid fire at the with no affect. Another was when Abbadon destroyed the Tau Battlesuit commander and his bodyguard single handedly while Lysander watched. But later in the game Lysander got his licks in as he went blow for blow with an Ork Stompa.

And now for what has been eating away most of my time.

I pre-ordered SWTOR back in July and got early access on the 13th of Dec. The guys at my FLGS started a guild and we have been just eating up all the content the game has to offer. We had a LAN Party at the FLGS on the 1st and decided it was a good time to start taking down some of the world bosses and do some PVP. 

If you are looking for a change from your standard fantasy MMO this is a good one to pick up. I am currently enjoying the Bounty Hunter: Mercenary, and Sith Inquisitor: Assassin.

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