Sunday, January 29, 2012

Painted Army Self Challenge- Completed!

Ok so yesterday was the tournament and I had a fully painted army!

Round 1  I had a buy
Round 2 I played against Necrons and Lost... Dawn of War, 5 objectives. Vulkan and his Terminators rolled a snake eyes to assault through difficult terrain after disembarking from the Land Raider. It would have really changed the game. As well we only make it to the end of turn 4 because my opponent played very slow.

Necron Deployment

Turn 1 (my Rhino is the only thing on the table at the start of turn 1, you can see it at the bottom left by the ruins.)

Round 3 Played against KFF, Battle Wagon Orks. It was a kill points game that I won at the last turn. I was able to take out a Battle Wagon, Mob O'Boys, Mob O'Nobs, and a Warboss in the bottom of the 6th. Thanks to the Terminators and Vulkan. All the Tac Marines did all game was kill the Wagon on turn 6.

Turn 1 Surprise!

here is the movement of Top of 3. Orks tryed to Deff Rolla the Ironclad in the center, but got punched to death instead!

Scouts checking out some of the action!

I did not win best painted, although I think it was close. I will have to ask the TO and see what kind of painting tips I can get. I did however win Sportsman! So I grabbed a Razorback!

Till next time! Happy Wargaming!

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