Thursday, January 19, 2012

"6th Edition" Test Game Reaction.

Best game ever?

So I had a test game for the "Leaked 6th edition" rules on Tuesday with Faolain from Awakening Ynnead. We decided to play a smaller game (1250) to help with any time issues we may run into while looking up rules and such. I played what you might call a 3rd edition style army list with my Chaos Space Marines, while Faolain played his Nids. 

Tyranid Prime
10x Termagaunts
Tervigon (troop)
9-10? Genestealers W/Brood Lord
Trygon Prime
Death Leaper
Doom W/M.Spore.

Chaos Marines:
Daemon Prince -Sorc., Wings., Mark of Tzeench, Warptime.
16x Khorne Berzerkers -Skull Champ w/Power Fist
10x CSM -2x Flamers, Champ w/Power Sword & Melta-Bomb, Rhino
6x Noise Marines -6x Sonic Blasters 
Defiler -Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer, Extra DCCW
5x Havocs -4x Missile Launcher

The game was very interesting. Some of the Key things I think we learned were,

*First Turn is very important. Not only do you get to place the first objective marker (putting objective games in your favor), but as your opponent has not had the opportunity to move this makes Alpha Strike armies even more effective as their shooting will be more accurate. With The Tyranofex getting 2 hits on my Rhino turn 1 it put me on my back foot a bit. The -1 on the damage chart due to it being a tank did help prevent it from becoming a wreak though. Going back to the Objective advantage, as objective points are calculated at the start of the turn going first also give you the advantage of denying your opponent points on turn 6. You are able to get your points then run units in to contest your opponents objective so he is unable to collect points at the start of his turn. You don't have to charge him or even shoot at him and there is nothing he can do on turn 6 to prevent that.

*Bolters are scary and useful again. Being able to shoot while moving at combat speed is very nice. This may help lead to the Bolter Drill style lists coming back.

*Defensive Fire is very dangerous. Having a Doom spore down just to die from the Defensive Fire from bolters is a very risky move. If we read it right units can also fire their Heavy Weapons as well so Monstrous Creatures will have to be careful as well. Faolain was also able to Deep Strike his Trygon in front of my Berzerkers, they were able to take out 2 wounds with their pistols (really big help), but he was still close enough to charge that same turn. Drop Pods with the Guidance system is rather safe as they do not allow for defensive fire but the units that disembark are still unable to assault.

*Explosions from vehicles feel more risky, but may not really be the case. Models in range have a chance to take a critical hit (Wound with no armor save), this makes it more deadly to units like Marines and MCs but better for units that have a bad armor save.

*Template Weapons may be the new "thing". With having a 3" range and special abilities like "Fire Sweep" they have become so much more useful.

*Shooting after Combat. The ability to have your unit fall back or be wiped out in combat then have your other units get sweet revenge on the enemy is very useful. In a combat with my Berzerkers vs the Tyranid Prime and Tyranofex I was able to kill the Fex with my Power Fist in Faolains turn and saved the no retreat wounds. In my turn the Prime killed the last 2 Zerkers before they could strike (due to bonesword/lash whip) and my Noise Marines that did not move were able to rip into the Prime with all 18 shots taking out his last wound. It felt like justice was done. This turns the normal though of wanting to kill your opponent in his turn on its head, as you will want combats to either be done after 1 round (on your turn) or be longer combats that will go 3/5 rounds. This may lead to larger squads of dedicated combat units like Berzerkers, Assault Marines and Death Co.
Shooting after Combat will also allow you to engage/charge a transport, blowing it up in assault then shooting your opponent as he disembarks.

Well that's it from me for now. Faolain said that he would be doing a post about our game as well, so for his take be sure to check him out. As for my overall judgement on the game I may have to hold off on hating or loving it for now, but I like it so far. Since I am in the middle of building my Space Marine army this could put a damper on some the the strategies I was planning on using, but it opens up new ones. Like off the top of my head... Vulkan is still awesome! TH/SS Terminators pooling their re-rolls really helps, then you also have all of your flamers now shooting out 6" then being placed!

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