Monday, May 21, 2012

Self Painting Challenge V2 is Over! Apoc, Orks VS Imperial!

So I ended up going to bed at about 1:00am Saturday morning in order to get the terminators close to done. Then I had the pleasure of waking up 5 hrs later so I could pack up and make the 2hr drive down to the LA Battle Bunker. So now the question is "Was it worth it?"

 The calm before the storm...

So was it worth it? Hell YA!

It took a while to set everything up, about 3 hrs. We were let in the store at 10:00 and got started around 1:00. We did run into some issues, one person didn't show up, another was about 2 hrs late, and some people forgot models. Due to the Imperial side being down a player we ended up getting some extra models out that were not in the original plans in order to make up the points difference.

I believe the sides ended up pretty close to even in points, about 80,000 per side over 8 (8'x4') tables. The Orks had about twice as many structure points as the Imperials had but the Imperial forces had 2 more "D" Weapons to try and even things out, the 2 Dethstrike Vortex Missiles did not hurt either.

Here are some pictures of the deployments.My phone died after the deployment was finished so I don't have any pictures of any of the aftermath.

As the Orks had won the last battle with the Imperium, this battle was set up as the Imperials are conducting a raid on an Ork held position. The Imperials were not allowed to being any Titans larger then a Warhound, the Orks must deploy first, and the Imperials get first turn.

Ork Air Field. Ork flyers count as gorund vehicles for the first Imperial turn for the Imperial Air Force to get an Alpha strike on them as the Orks are unprepared for the Imperial raid. Any surviving Ork flyer was able to leave on their turn 1.

Imperial Artillery emplacement. The Artillery were allowed to fire at every table except for the Air Field. The orks were not allowed to start on this table but moved on in turn 1.

The Main Table...








Here are the tables I was playing on.

And lastly here is a picture of the Imperial Airforce that came. Most of the Airfore did an attack run on the Ork Airfield on turn 1 and destroyed most of the Ork flyers. The Flyers were allowed to move to any table.

I have some videos that I took with my phone, but I have yet to figure out how to get them on here via Google+. Once I figure it out I will post them also.

Lastly here is a picture of everything that I brought in it's "finished" state.

As far as the game went we were unable to start turn 3 due to time restrictions put on us by the Battle Bunker, and had to start packing up around 8:00. This worked out well for me as I did not get home till 10:30 due to LA traffic and was stating to fall asleep at the wheel. I almost had to pull over to get some rest before getting all the way home. 

It's hard to say who would have won as there were a ton of reserves left to still come on. At the points that we ended it I believe that the Imperials had killed more then the Orks did. On the table I was on we had 2 of 3 generates destroyed from a defense laser objective and the Great Gargant that was on our right flank was taken out on turn 1 by the Artillery table.

As far as personal casualties, mine were very light. I lost my 5-man Scout Squad,  2 Dreadnoughts, 1 TH/SS Terminators who hit himself with a Vortex Grenade and a Drop Pod from that same Grenade.

All in all I had a great time meeting new people and throwing dice on the table. 

Would I go back? Yes!

Would I want to get more sleep before hand? Most defiantly!

Till next time, Happy Wargaming!


  1. Hey CD, Warpaint here. Looks like a great day. Shame it only made it through 2 turns. Did you get to kill anything?

  2. Hey Warpaint! On turn 1 I was able to take out a Stompa with some BA Stormravens that showed up on our table, and damage some other Stompas, but the majority damage we were able to do were to Boys, trucks and Kans. I was almost able to get my "death star" unit of Lugft Huron, Vulkan, Mordaci Blaylock, Corien Sumatris and 5 LC Assault Terminators into combat once, but Huron and Vulkan took out all the orks with their heavy flamers.
    The volume of fire from the Leman Russ Punishers with 3 Heavy Bolters and Heavy Stubber working in combination with the Mortis Contemptors with Kheres Assault Cannons and CMLs really put the hurt on a Green Tide and some Storm Boys. While the Hellhammer was taking out Lootas that were taking cover in a Fortress of Redemption. Gotta love the ability to ignore cover!