Thursday, May 3, 2012

Preparing to enter the Thunderdome!

So for anyone who listens to the 40k Podcast "Life After the Cover Save" they started running what they have dubbed the "Thunderdome Survivor Series". This is a King of the Hill style campaign (1750 points) where 2 people face off and the winner gets to Live/Play another day and wait for the next challenger.

Well this last week Biffomatic (ya that same guy...) entered the Thunderdome. I was lucky enough to be there to watch a little bit of the action, but I was busy with my own game against some AssCannBack Spam from Blood Angels so I did not get to see most of the game. Luckily they gave updates of the game during the podcast. Biff brought Gray Knights to challenge the current champs Blood Angels. If you want to know how the game went you can listen to it streaming or download (free) from iTunes or from the LAtCS Forums. The results are in the last 5min or so if you want to skip most of the show. (Warning content has explicit language and subject matters not meant for children)

What is Master doing to Big-Nasty-B!

Now I have been thrown to the wolves by the hosts and was told that I must fight in the next round of the Thunderdome. One of the rules is that the champion must keep the same list. This means that his challenger will know what to expect and can tailor his list to defeat the current champion. The down side to using a tailored list is that you have to keep it, so if you plan on staying the champion for more then 1 fight you might  want to bring a well rounded list.

I am pretty sure I know what my list will have in it but there is always that 20-40 points that can be moved around. I think my biggest challenge is going to be knowing what my opponents army is capable of as I am not intimately familiar with every Codex. But I am confidant that I will be able to prevail in this endeavor. (at least for a while)

In the coming weeks before my first match I may post some strategy and list ideas, but I don't want to give to much away to the Champ. You never know who is watching...

Till next time Happy Wargaming!

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