Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Potential list for the Thunderdome

So I have been thinking about what army and what list I want to take into the LAtCS Thunderdome. I think the major issue I will run into is finding a list that will not only be able to beat the Draigo Wing that Biff has but one that will hopefully last though several other match-ups. Here I will go over a list I have been thinking of for using from my Imperial Guard collection.

An older pic of some of my IG.

Primaris Psyker (2d6 Str 7 shots is nothing to laugh at, and he is cheap)

Melta Vets w/Chimera (pretty standard, and they can double out paladins)
Melta Vets w/Chimera

Fast Attack: (Mobility will be key)
Vendetta (the Lascannons will be able to reach out a touch him while staying out of range of the Psycannons)
Hellhound (May help in other games against hordes, throwing out auto-hits does not hurt in any case)

Heavy Support: (Always my favorite!)
3x Leman Russ Battle Tanks w/Hull Lascannons (72" range, will keep me safe, Str 8 means no FNP, and with 3 large blast we can hope for a good number of hits)
2x Leman Russ Demolishers (with only a 24" range this will put them in the Psycannon Danger Zone but at least I can shoot on the move, Str 10 and AP2 will surely make quick work of any Paladins that are unlucky enough to be in the way.)
2x Hydra (again with the 72" range, good against light-med armor, bikes and skimmers)

If I had 9 I think I would take them all. They are so fun.

The idea here would be to stay out of his range as long as I can while I am able to still hit him. I would need to throw the Vendettas at the Dreads early in the game to take out his longest range threat and make him come to me. While he advances I would hammer his Paladins with the LRBTs to soften them up as much as possible. After the Vendettas take care of the Dreadnoughts the next focus would be on the Razorbacks if the Hydras have not already done so, or they switch to the Paladins. The Hellhound would try to take care of the Henchmen or get the auto-hits on the Paladins... he will have to roll some 1s and 3s eventually. The Demolishers would only come into play when the Paladins get in too close, then they try to get the first strike on the Paladins and hopefully give them a really bad day.

Who doesn't want to see this on the table across from them?

I have thought about switching out some of the Leman Russ tanks for other versions, mostly the Punisher and Executioner as they would work well against other armies. But I have at this point decided against it as I have to get though this first fight before I even worry about another opponent. That and the Demolishers and Battle Tanks should work well against pretty much any opponent.

Till next time, Happy Wargaming!

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