Friday, May 18, 2012

Self Painting Challenge V2. Update 2!

Just a quick update here. I think I may be in for a long night to night. I have not been able to get any real work done over the last couple days. I had some events I had to attend for work so all I have been able to do is get a base coat on the Leman Russ tanks.

Hang in there!

Painting the Leman Russ should go quickly, my major concern at this point is the Terminators. I need to get 2 more sets of arms magnetized for TH/SS combo while being able to switch their shields out at a later time as I have run out of the Lion Shields. I will also have to forgo using the 3rd Drop Pod in favor of the already painted Rhino.

Wish me Luck! My next post should be after tomorrows Apoc Game. I will try to take a lot of pictures.

Till next time, Happy Wargaming!


  1. I hope you get to play Titan whack-a-mole with your TH/SS. Isn't there a spiffy data-sheet for Titan hunters?

  2. Ya there is. I am going to be taking the Titan Hammer datasheet, with Lysander leading the formation and 2 units of TH/SS Terminators.