Thursday, March 22, 2012

My recent hobby activity.

Here is my latest update. I have done a bit of modeling lately in order to get ready for an 1850 point tournament at Game Empire Pasadena. In order to bring my 1500 point list up to the 1850 point level I had to build a few more models (I did not get them painted for the tournament). The list of new models includes a 10-man Tac Marine squad, Predator with Lascannon Sponsons (I Magnetized them... but forgot to take pictures), Razorback, and a Drop Pod. I did not end up using the Razorback, but I though I was going to get it in a list. Damn last minute list changes!

As far as the tournament went I had a lot of fun. It was my first time playing at the store, but I had met the guy running it before as he also ran the Semi-Final 'Ard Boyz last year. For my tournament buy-in I picked up a Space Marine Land Speeder (add that to the list of "stuff to build"). My first game was against Dok (check out his blog at he was playing Blood Angels. His list was very fast, he had 2 Ravens, several Preds, a Razorback, and a rhino. All being led into battle by Mephy and a Libby attached to some TH/SS Terminators. You can check out his BatRep > here < I will just post some pictures. I am not going to do a BatRep for any of my games, just a quick overview.

Game 1 VS Blood Angels
Multiple Objectives.
I won the roll to got first... I should not have gone first. It was DOW and I had pods I had to drop. He moved everything on turn 1 so I had nothing to target with my dreads when they dropped on an empty field.

Dok's army

End of my turn 2. I poped open his raven with the Terminators in it. The Tac Squad Pod dropped on the right but I was unable to open up his Rhino that was right there with the Marines and my Pred (not seen here), He made some good Smoke cover saves.

Mephy moving up and looking good!

Dok's movement. On the right he got his Assault Marines out the the Rhino to assault my Combat Squaded marines (Bad idea for me this game) from the drop pod. Moved Mephy and the Terminators forward to assault the Dread in the center. The Raven on the left moved up and the assault marines got out so they could shoot at the dread with their Meltaguns. It's not looking good for me at this point.

Off on the left you can see that the rhino died (the marines gout out in the back), The Ironclad by the rhino died, the Ironclad in the center... died. But on the right the Tac Marines stuck in with the Assault Marines, YAY!

Yep, that Ironclad died :-(

This is where thing started to change for me. On the left hand side, the Tac Marines moved forward to shoot the and assault the Assault Marines that jumped out of the raven the turn before. And they were joined by Vulkan who came out of his immobilized Land Raider (oh ya... it immobilized itself turn 1). They were able to put enough wounds on the unit with shooting to kill the Priest before I charged. The combat lasted 2 rounds and I won that combat handsomely. 
The Terminators also came out of the Land Raider to get revenge on the BA Terminators who killed my Ironclad. I was able to kill 1 of his Terminators with shooting from the Drop Pods and the scouts. The Scouts and Terminators both charged the BA Terminators. This combat also ended in my favor. My Scout Sgt was able to power fist the Libby to death and my Terminators were able to kill his without taking any casualties. They then consolidated towards Mephy.
On the Right side, the combat around the drop pod was going well for my as I was able to charge in my damaged combat squad (they took some shooting from the Baal Preds) to help the unit that was charged by the Assault Marines. I won that combat also! 
WOW, Vanilla Marines won 3 of 3 combats this turn against BA!

Here Dok shuffled around a bit, moving his Raven into my deployment zone to get some shots on the Pred. He also moved Mephy back to help out the Assault Marines in the combat around the Drop Pod. This "just happened" to also be in the opposite direction of my Assault Terminators. :-(

This is the last picture I have of this game. When it ended Dok had beaten me down pretty good. Dok I believed ended with a Major Victory. It was an awesome game!

Game 2 VS Dark Eldar!
Kill points (1 random infantry unit was worth 3 KP. Mine was Vulkan, his was a squad of Wyches)
This was another case of my bad deployment. My opponent got first turn on Spearhead and deployed as close as he could (he had Wyches in Raiders and Blaster Borne in Venoms). I Deployed a little bit back and had my Land Raider covered in front by the Rhino and on the side by the Pred. Needless to say he got off a nice turn 1 assault.

Here we are before the Wyches fleet and charge my Pred and Rhino with auto-hit Haywire Grenades.

Here is a closer view. Now I don't agree that the Ram at the front of the Raider is part of the hull as it is considered "War Gear", but my opponent insisted on it, so I told him that, that also means I can shoot at it. This gave him some much needed inches of forward deployment when disembarking.

Well he exploded my Land Raider with shooting, something I was not expecting... Then he immobilized the Rhino on the charge, and damaged the Pred. I moved the Tac Marines from the rhino off to the side in order to have some clear rapid fire shots at the wyches. The shooting did not go as planned (damn Feel no Pain!). Vulkan and Terminators moved through the crater left by the Land Raider to Flame the Wyches. This went better! I was able to kill off most of them with the flamer then I charged with Vulkan. Only Vulkan was able to make it into base contact so all of the Wych attacks had to be directed at him, leaving my Terminators save but still some able to attack. The Wyches did not survive & they happened to be the 3KP unit!

The Dreads dropped down stunned 1 of the Razorwings(?) and the other did nothing to the Ravager :-(

What we have here is all my terminators are dead due to 2 Shattershards and some bad saves in combat with 2 Haemonculi. The Tac Marines are dead from the Baron and Wyches, and the Dreads died from the Ravager and some Blaster Borne. All I really have left at this point is Vulkan, 2 pods, and a damaged Pred, with a pod of Tac Marines in reserve.

The Tac Marines Drop in and... ? WIFF!

Vulken Killed the 2 Haemonculi and is now facing off against the Baron while the Wyches are waiting to charge after they finished off the Rhino.

This is the last picture of this fight. The Tac Marines ended up with a horrible death, the Drop Pods and Pred were wrecked. All I had left on the table was Vulkan (my unit worth 3KP). But Vulkan really manned up this game. He was able to kill the Baron, and forced the Wyches to flee after he won combat. This is consolidation and move we was able to flame a unit of Blaster Borne to death while putting more damage on the Wyches as they were unable to regroup.

This ended with a Minor Victory for the Dark Eldar. I believe the score ended up being something like 9-11... but I can't remember. Most of this was thanks to Vulkan. He got 3 points for the first unit of Wyches, 1 for the Haemonculi, 1 for the barron, 1 for the Blaster Borne, and 1 for the 2nd squad of Wyches.

Game 3 VS IG! 
Multiple Objectives. 
This was Pitched Battle deployment. My opponent won first turn and set up in the center of his deployment zone with his Vendettas on his flanks. I deployed off the the left of the board. I forgot to take may pictures this game. So I will I will just post them and give you the end result.

This game did not go well for me at all. It was against an very Mech heavy IG with Stormtroopers, Straken, and lots of Melta Vets. Nothing of my main fighting force really got out of my deployment zone. I dropped the Dreads turn 1 with no real effect except eating up some of this firepower and getting Straken to charge and kill an Ironclad. Both dreads died after they dropped. The Drop Tac Marines were able to push a unit off an objective and then held it but it was too little to late. The Terminators ate up a couple Chimeras and some guardsman but my opponent had plenty to spare so it didn't really bother him.

In the end I believe my Opponent received a Major victory.

At the end of the day I really ended up as a winner though. I received the Sportsmanship award from my opponents and as a price I picked up another Land Speeder and some paints/washes (I always manage to spill my Mud Wash!).

I had a great time playing with new people and the tables were great to play on. The only down side was the speeding ticket I got on the way home to check on my sick wife... but whatever, that's life.

Till next time! Happy Wargaming!  

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