Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Getting out of a hobby funk. Building a Display Board!

Well since I finished my Painted Army Self Challenge I had not really done a lot of modeling or painting, and I was kind of in a "funk" about doing anything. But when the 25th Anniversary for 40k came about and I was informed that they would be judging painting and display boards I knew how to get out of my anti-hobby funk. Lets Build a Display Board! It's related to the hobby but does not directly involve assembling models or painting.

To start off I went down to a local office supply store and picked up a message cork board of suitable size as a light but sturdy base for my display board. I used the same type of cork board before for my Chaos/IG display board so I knew it would work. I had also been thinking of a design for how I wanted it to look for some time now. I just was not sure how well it would turn out... and I still don't know as it is still a WIP as I am writing this.

Chaos/IG display board... You can see a bit of the Eye of Horus coming out from under the Drop Pod.

So for my new display board I knew I wanted it to look like the inside of a Palace/Fortress Monastery and to match the bases that I have made for all my models. So the first thing I did was to cut the same material that I have been using for my bases into 2"x2" squares and lay them out on the board like tile. As I was about 2/3 of the way though covering the board I realized it looked a little plain. So I decided to cut some 4"x4" sections and that I would lay them down in a pattern. This looked better and I knew that I would now have to cut a ton of pieces in half so that I could have the staggered tile pattern that I was going after.

Your basic Cork Message Board

Once I had everything cut and set in place it was time to start gluing everything in place. This part went rather quick as I left everything in place except for the row I was currently working on. This made it so that I knew where each piece went and stayed with a close fit.

Gluing the 2nd row of tiles down.

Once everything was finished it was time to step back and take a look at it!

The white parts are paper of some of the unglued parts. I did not manage to take a picture of it right after I finished gluing it all down...

And now to see what it looked like with my current 1500 point tournament army on it plus some extra models. So that I can see how it will look best arranged.

I put another column on the board to match the one that's on the Contemptor Dreads base. I think I will add 2 more closer to the front as well. But even then I think it looks a little plain so I am also working on making a back drop for it out the Imperial Sector kit. And that's about as far as I have gotten with this project so far. 

It has energized me to start working on some other models that I have as well. I might be going to an 1850 tournament this weekend so have been working on expanding the 1500 list. I have not been able to play with the new list yet, but I think it looks promising. I will have to save that update for another blog entry. So...

Till next time! Happy Wargaming!

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