Friday, April 5, 2013

Painting up some UltraTau!

So over the last couple days I started priming and painting some of my new Tau. I am hoping to get the codex soon and really look at that is going to be a useful build. Till then on to more painting!

As mentioned before I am participating in the  Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge and so far according to my "old" army list I have painted about 671 points of the 1850 points needed for the challenge this week alone. That makes me feel pretty good as I started into the challenge about 3 months late.

SO WHAT HAVE I PAINTED? Lets take a look.

Broadsides after being stripped.

Crisis Suites after being Primed

Hammerhead after being Primed

And now the after pics!


Crisis Suites!


I am feeling pretty good about how they are coming out so far. The only problem I have run into at this point is I have not done much work on my April commitment of 12 Fire Warriors yet. I had to re-strip them so I took them out last night and they should be ready to prime again today!


Till next time, Dracus OUT!

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