Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UltraTau Painting update.

So here is a nice quick UltraTau painting update for you.

20x Fire Warriors Before!


2nd Hammerhead and First Devilfish with the first Hammerhead (on the right)!

I need to probably do a group shot of everything together here soon. But till then I think I finally decided on what I am going to do with the bases.

Last night I was out at a local office supply store and picked up a roll of cork so that I can start using it on my bases. After looking at some video tutorials I decided that I am going to do Snow bases for this army. I have not done snow in the past as I have been afraid of how much work it would be and how it would end up looking. The video tutorials put my mind at ease quite a bit and so I am jumping in!

I have already broken/taken off 10 of the Fire Warriors and the 3 Broadsides off their bases last night and started gluing pieces of the cork to them. I did not want to try and paint the bases while the model was still on them. I think there are some people who do that, but it just looks too risky to me.

I will post up some pictures as I progress and might even do my own tutorial depending on how the bases come out.

In other news...

I am going to try out a fun list tonight at the LGS with my CSM and Chaos Daemon allies. I have not used my Daemons much since 3rd edition when they were a full part of the CSM codex. But with the new Chaos Daemons codex out and the allies rules in 6th ed I thought it could be FUN!

I am going to run a Bloodthirster and Bloodletters along my CSM. As I just want to have some silly times I basically maxed out my Daemon Prince and Bloodthirsters points. The 2 of them together are going to come out to 655 points

Ya 655 points for 2 models is a bit crazy, but it should be FUN!

Till next time! Dracus OUT!

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