Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Making up a Tau list with the Demiurg

So with the new Tau book out for a few days I have really been looking at it and trying to come up with a list that is not only fun, but competitive and close to what mini's I already have.

As I signed up for the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge I will need to change up my list as the 1850 list I submitted for the Challenge is now about 212 points cheaper What do I put in there?
My first thought was "it makes a great excuse to get a Riptide!" but then I looked at my wallet and it said no!

I had gotten enough stuff from the Tau lot that I picked up that I could fill in the extra points with Pathfinders and a couple Devilfish pretty easy and not have to spend any more. Well that idea went out the window what I ordered some of the Mantic Forge Fathers from because they are having a clearance sale from shutting down their online store.

Mantic Steel Warriors

I figured I would use the Forge Fathers as "Demiurg" for "counts as" Kroot. The Demiurg are similar to Squats as they have a close resemblance and background as craftsmen and miners. The Demiurg are know allies of the Tau but to what extent is unknown at this time.

Concept sketch by Jes Goodwin (from lexicanum)

Looking at the Kroot entry they may have lost a bit of their close combat abilities due to stat drops, but they now have access to Sniper Ammo! I think that being able to have a unit of 20 snipers for 140 sounds like a steal! The ability to have Precision Shot, Pinning, Rending and always wounds on 4+ on a unit of 20 guys puts the odds a bit more in your favor when dealing with High Toughness units that you don't want to waste your medium strength shots on. Rending also gives them an additional means of dealing with light armor and low (2+) save models.

Looking at the Tau book the troops are actually quite good and for a low cost. I think one issue I may run into is running out of troop slots.

That all the time I have for now. Hopefully I can get some more ideas up later on different kinds of lists (Suites, infantry and mechanized)

Till next time! Dracus Out!


  1. Nice! I dig that idea - looking forward to seeing how they turn out!

    1. Thanks, I am looking forward to getting them in and painting them up. I am not sure how long the shipping will take from MWG to California, but I would assume 1-2 weeks. I will post some pics when them come in.