Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Base Work for the Tau

So I have made a decision on what to do with the basing for the Tau and I started working on them last weekend. I made the decision to go with SNOW! I have not done snow in the past so this is something new for me, and I think that making them look good with the darker blue I have been using for the tau may be a bit of a learning curve.

Materials I picked up include a roll of Cork, snow flock, some "medium" bushes, and tall grass.

The first step was to start corking the bases!

I started just by tearing off pieces of cork and arranging them on the base and gluing them down with some craft PVA glue.

Next came the painting part!

I painted them with Codex Gray, gave them a mud wash, dry brushed on codex gray, then hit the edges with Astronomicon Gray, and a touch of white. I diden't like the way some of them were coming out so I ended up mixing skull white with lightning bolt blue in an empty paint pot to get a really light blue color. I used this color of the edges of the cork and base where I would put the snow to give the snow a bit of a blue look.

Here are a couple bases with the white/blue mix and snow. I added some bit of the grass and ripped off some of the bushes to put on the base as well.

The method I am going to be using for the snow is to brush the PVA on the base and sprinkle the snow on top of it. I tried a few other methods and I will show you how those came out as well. You may like to use a different method depending on how you want your snow to look.

Don't pay to much attention to the rest of the base for these, we are just looking at the different ways to do the snow here.

This one was mixing Water Effects with the Snow. If seems to give a look of melting snow, kind of a slushy look.

This next one was done the same way, but I sprinkled some snow on top of it was well. It looks like it was like re-frozen slush.

Here we have mixing PVA glue and snow, then applying it with a brush. It looks to give a bit more of a heavy snow look.

And here it is with just PVA and snow sprinkled on top without the white/blue mix on the edges or base. It looks more like a rather light snow. the white/blue mix helps with the color, as you can see the gray from the base shows through the snow.

So here is another picture, this one is of a 12-man fire warrior squad on their new bases!

I hope you enjoyed this.

Till next time! Dracus OUT!

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