Friday, January 11, 2013

List building for 2,000 point tournament: part 3

You may want to read Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing here on part 3.

Here in Part 3 I want to look at another Space Marine list that uses only one FOC and a Chaos Space Marine list that uses 2 FOCs.

An older pic of my Terminators... but it's what is available

List 5: Space Marines w/o allies, Terminator Heavy

Mordaci Blaylock (IA: Vol 9) 

Troops:5x Scouts w/4x Sniper Rifles, Heavy Bolter, Camo Cloaks10x Tac Marines w/Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Power Sword, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon

Elites:10x Assault Terminators w/10x TH/SS 

10x Terminators w/2x Cyclone Missile Launchers
Heavy Support:
Contemptor Mortis Pattern Dreadnought w/2 Kheres Assault Cannons, Cyclone Missile Launcher
Contemptor Mortis Pattern Dreadnought w/2 Kheres Assault Cannons, Cyclone Missile Launcher

Fast Attack:Land Speeder Typhoon

Land Speeder Typhoon

So now in this list we use a bit more of the Terminators. By having the units of 10 tactical Terminators with 2 CMLs we add some long range fire support as well as some additional scoring units. The Land Speeder Typhoons are here to help add to the long range fire support. I don't want to lose a game just because all of my shooting is limited to 24" and my opponent just skirts on the outside of my range. The Tac Marines in the Drop Pod can add some support to either hit an opponents weak flank or if they just leave a unit by themselves as a distraction. They always have the option to deploy and for me to just drop an empty pod as well.

List 6: Chaos Space Marines w/2 FOC

Need I say more?

Daemon Prince w/Daemon of Tzeench, Wings, Power Armor, The Black Mace
Chaos Lord w/Mark of Khorne, Juggernaut of Khorne, Sigil of Corruption, Axe of Blind Fury

10x Zombies
10x Zombies
10x Zombies
10x Zombies
10x Zombies
10x Zombies
5x CSM w/Plasmagun, Rhino
5x CSM w/Plasmagun, Rhino

4x Chaos Terminators w/Chaos Land Raider

Fast Attack:
4x Chaos Bikes
Heldrake w/Baleflamer

So I though this would be an interesting list. With 8 troops, 6 being fearless on their own, and 1 will be made fearless by Kharn, it should be hard to shift them off an objective. The downside is the smaller unit size. The plus is that they are not the major threats and may be ignored for the majority of the fight. With 4 HQs that are all pretty nasty this should draw the attention away from the troops. The Daemon Prince will be Flying around, Typhus will be with the Terminators in the Land Raider, The Lord on Juggernaut will go with the bikes, and Kharn will go with a unit of CSM. All the HQs are striking with AP2 and all of them will be at Initiative except for Typhus. The real drawback to this list is the lack of shooting, but once a unit makes it into combat they should be able to tear pretty much anything apart.

Unfortunately I was unable to get a game in on my normal 40k night. I have been fighting some kind of illness this last week. It's a bit rough not having health insurance sometimes, but it's nothing I can't fight though. I have been wanting to make some videos this week of this army lists, just so we can see what they actually look like and maybe get some ideas about how to deploy these lists. But I have been getting about 10hrs of sleep each night trying to fight this bug, it leaves me little time to make the videos I want.

Well tomorrow is the Tournament and I hope to be ready for it. I am still not sure what list I will bring but at the moment I am leaning towards list 5. I will try to take some video at the event and see is I might be able to make something of it.

Till next time! Happy Wargaming!


  1. I liked all your lists dracus, just roll a D6 and take that list would be cool if you take a video of the tournament and post it up. I look forward to see how you do