Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FLGS 40K Campaign started

One of my friends from my FLGS decided to try and start a campaign based around the same idea that the G3 Santa Cruz group came up with. My buddy is "newer" to 40k, he has been playing for about a year and a half now I believe so he asked me and a couple of our other friends for input on the campaign guidelines and ideas, but for the most part we are just letting everyone play their normal games and we come up with a story based on what happened in the game.

My battlefield Avatar for the Campaign.

We do have 2 "sides" for the campaign but this does not stop people playing each other that are on the "same team". What we have decided to do for now is if 2 people from the same team are playing each other, after the game we roll a dice 1-3 the winner fought for the opposite team unknowingly and on a 4-6 they some how benefited their team. This is done to avoid situations where 2 people are who are on the same side and one person take a fall so his opponent gets automatic full VPs for his side.

Last week was out first set of games and we had 4 games completed and we had 2 games that were team mates fighting. So far the teams look like this...

Gray Knights
Space Marines
Space Wolves

Space Marines/Chaos Marines (Me)

We are also having Team Captains, these people can choose to spend their VPs that they have earned to assist other players on their team. The Captains are the players from each side that has the most VPs. So if the Captain spends VPs he may not be the Captain the next week if he does not play well or if someone else on his team does very well that week.... 

I think they may be getting a little confusing at this point so lets skip some of the details and get down to the games played!

Last week the "Bad" team dominated with a total of 20 VPs vs the "Good" team with only 11 VPs. I became the Bad Captain this week because I ended my game last week with 9 VPs and the next person on my team had 6.

Last week I played one of the Ork players who was on my team. I won 9-3 and luckily after the game I rolled a 6 to determine what team I was playing for, so my points went to my team. 

Here is the narrative that we came up with for the start of the Campaign...

*121112.M41 War rages in and around many planets.  Deltosh is no such planet, located far from the touches of war; all this is about to change.  With a physical and psychic awakening a powerful and long lost artifact promising immense power to whoever can retrieve it. 

And here is the narrative for my game against the Orks...

 *131112.M41 Good: (Orcs) 3 Vs Bad: (Celestrial Lions) 9
Upon arriving on the planet of Deltosh, Gaius Magnus Chapter Master of the Celestial Lions, knew he would have to gain an early advantage in the sector if he was to retrieve the newly awakened relic. His plan was to gain a potential ally with the Orks who had apparently been on the planet for some time. With the promise of battle and trophies, the Ork Warboss refused to ally himself with a "Weak an' Puny 'uman". In a quick response to the insult Magnus ordered an Orbital Strike on the Warboss' location and ordered a sizable force to "persuade" the Warboss. In the resulting battle the Warboss showed his own ability by ripping apart 2 of the chapters Dreadnoughts and Drop Pod while losing a large portion of his Horde. In the end the Warboss was persuaded enough by the fighting prowess of the Space Marines to take Gaius Magnus up on his offer till it suited him otherwise.

Yesterday was our next round of games and I ended up playing against the Eldar. As far as the Army Lists were concerned it was not a great match up for the venerable Eldar. As I had brought 3 AV 13 vehicles he did not have the ranged firepower to really do the damage he needed. The Eldar did have Singing Spears on his Warlocks and Farseers, a group of Fire Dragons and Dark Reapers but they never got into a position to used properly. So in this game my Contemptor Mortis Dreadnoughts ran around the table just tearing everything apart that they pointed their guns as. A group of Pathfinders and Striking Scorpions did give me some issues as they were making their saves but in the end the Eldar had very little left on the table, though it ended up being a rather close game.

I call this "The Hamburger Offence"!

My general deployment against the eldar... I did not have room to take a pic of the whole table. :-(

Bad (Celestial Lions) 4 VP vs Good (Eldar) 1 VP.

We have not written up the fluff for any of the battles from last night yet. I did however get to try out one of our Captain Assists. I was able to call in reinforcements for the Tau as they were fighting the Gray Knights. An Ironclad Dreadnought landed from a Lucius Pattern Drop Pod and started to harass the Gray Knights. The battle still did not end in the favor of the Tau though...

The problem we ran into there was the player. I asked him to tell me when it was his turn so I could advise him on how to use the unit and to inform him of what it was capable of, but he just when ahead without telling me and he placed the Drop Pod poorly and did not take advantage of being able to assault upon landing from the Pod. So I felt like I spent 2 of my VP on the wrong battle... live and learn I guess.

Next time I hope to have some more fun updates for you!

Till Next Time! Happy Wargaming!

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