Monday, December 3, 2012

My week in 40k

So this last week or so have been rather eventful. I got a game in and assembled and painted some minis. Lets start with some modeling!

I have had an Land Speeder on sprue next to my desk for awhile now... about 9 months. And I had a little inspiration to get it build and to finish the other one I have already built and painted. So I built the new Speeder on Thanksgiving and magnetized it along with the Typhoon Missile Launchers from the older Speeder. Then on Black Friday I got to painting!

 Missing Pilots... o well!

I then got to try them out at the store on our normal 40k night! It ended up being a team game 2v2 each player with 1500 points. We only got 4 turns in as it was getting late and we got a late start. I was teamed up with the Red Scorpions (counts as Deathwing) and we faced off against Gray Knights (crow list with 1 unit of Paladins) and Space Wolves.

Here is my 1500 points on the table waiting to get games set up.

Here is a little better picture of the armor. Ignore the Assault Cannon on the Land Speeder on the left, I just forgot to pull it off, I was keeping the parts together.

It was a fun game. They Gray Knights were really nervous turn 1 when Huron Dropped his Orbital Bombardment 2 on his Paladins. To bad it scattered and only hit the Purifiers, but it did kill like 7 of them. The Scouts with Sniper Rifles and the Heavy Bolter killed 1 1/2 paladins! No one expected the 2+ Poison Blast from the Heavy Bolter!

In the end The Celestial Lions and Red Scorpions lost. It was Purge the Alien and having 5 Land Speeders on our side hurt as they were easy targets and gave up first blood. We were rather aggressive on turn 1 with them though so maybe we will have to change that next time. 

This last weekend I was watching a BatRep from Bluetable Painting on their YouTube Account, it was Nids VS Blood Angels, and it got me thinking about my Tyranids again. I decided to get to work on the Gargoyles I had gotten for my Birthday... a couple years ago (?). I went ahead and dove right in. I got all 30 Gargoyles primed white, hit them with Gryphon Sepia Wash to get their skin tones done. Then hit the Carapace with Dark Angels Green, hit the claws, mouth and tail spike with Red Ink (yes the really old red ink that GW stopped selling years and years ago), then dabbed some goblin green the the Carapace and called it done.

30 Gargoyles does not look like that much at the moment... Maybe I will have to get more :-)

So this week at the game store I am planning on bringing out the Nids! I am going to try and over run my opponents with a large number of bodies. As Fear no longer causes wounds when you lose combat this should be GREAT! And I am thinking about taking the Doom and giving him Psychic Shriek for twice the 3d6 Leadership Wound goodness! Maybe even giving that to the Hive Tyrants...

Till Next Time! Happy Wargaming!


  1. Looking good! I love that gold and blue scheme you're using. The gargoyles look like they're coming along nicely - looking forward to seeing more of those!

    1. Thank you for the complements. I do have to say that the Marines do stand out when compared with the other armies around my area. Not many armies use a metallic as their primary color except maybe Necrons and Gray Knights.

  2. Ya but gold is worth more than silver haha .. Suck on that GK and crons