Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tyranids Bat Rep

So I have been busy again over this last week. I finished up those gargoyles you saw in my last post and on Monday night I decided to paint my "new" Hive Tyrant (pics to come). I also got a game in with the bugs and had a great time. I played not resident Tyranid player so we had some bug vs bug action. In the end the bugs won! Imagine that!


So the game was 1500 points and I ended up going 2nd. My opponent has different premade lists that he uses depending on what army he is facing... he did not have for for Tyranids so he used his anti-Ork list. So he had 3 Biovores and 26 or so Devourer Gaunts. Nasty stuff to face when I don't have vehicles to hide in.

Here are a couple pictures after turn 1.

Hive Fleet Behemoth (?) moved his gargoyles from my right flank to center and flew his winged Tyrant towards my left flank. This was done to try and counter my deployment, which oddly enough was the reverse of his. He has his Devourer Gaunts on my left flank and I have mine on my right. He had his Gargoyles and Shrikes on my right flank and I have my Gargoyles on my left.

As far as damage goes, he hit my gargoyles and a new Hormagaunts with the Biovores and that was about it,  he shot his hive guard at my Tyrants with Guard with no effect.

My left flank and center.

My right Flank and center.

So I got Iron Arm off on my Tyrants to help them out a bit. One mistake I made was not putting the Tyrants in the front. As I gave them both Armored Shell I did not make use of it properly by taking the 2+ saves and passing off any low AP shots to the guard. I did move the Gargoyles toward the Flyrant in hopes of shooting him down, I did get 2 hits and 1 wound but he was not rounded and took no wounds. This spoiled the idea of charging the Hormagaunts into the Tyrant so they ran forward along with the Tyrants and the Termigaunts. It was a rather lack luster turn.

In turn 2 Hive Fleet Behemoth continued to hold back and try to shoot their way though the on coming wave of bodies. The Flyrant flew off the table and into ongoing reserves as he did not want to risk the charge from the Hormagaunts and Gargoyles on my turn. The Biovores were very successful in this as they destroyed the majority of my Devourer Gaunts, luckily they were all around the Tyrant on that flank so they were fearless. The rest of the shooting took out the 2 Tyrant Guard that were attached to my Warlord Tyrant. FIRST BLOOD!

Things were starting to look bad for me as my opponent kept moving back and throwing a ton of fire my way. I did get a lucky break though... THE DOOM came in from reserve. The Doom helped thin his army quite a bit and I managed to get 2 charges off with the Hive Tyrants, both were into spawned units of gaunts, but it saved me from my opponents shooting in the next turn. The Hormagaunts tried for a long charge on the Devourer Gaunts but the Overwatch Shooting put them out of range.

The Doom has landed!

The Doom is fully charged!

So as you can see the Doom came in a sucked up a bunch of Souls, the down side is that I traded out his power for Psychic Shriek, so I did not get a Str 10 Blast to use. This was fine though as I did not get my power off anyway. I was targeting the Tervigon as it was down to 4 wounds as it lost 2 from the Doom at the start of the shooting phase. I was hoping that if I could kill it then it would basically eliminate that entire flank as the 2 Gaunt units were down drastically from the Doom already.

In turn 3 the Flyrant came back in and landed in the center of the table trying to get as much coverage with Shadows in the Warp as possible  as in my last turn I was able to get off Iron Arm again and became untouchable from the Gaunts that the Tyrants were locked in combat with. The Gargoyles headed to finish off my Termigaunts, and the Shrikes hung back waiting for an opportunity to charge the Tyrants. Everything else tried to move away from the Doom.

In the shooting phase the Doom managed to get a wound on the Hive Guard that was accompanied by a Tyranid Prime, wiped out the Gargolyes and put 4 wounds on the Flyrant but he decided to dive and made 1 cover save leaving the Flyrant with 1 wound left. The Hive Mind decided they had enough of the Doom and the Hive Guard shot at it, 1 wound made it though the Dooms Warp Field and killed it. The Devourer Gaunts shot at the Hormagaunts and did some major damage along with the Biovores shooting at the my Gargoyles. At the end of the shooting phase I had 3 Hormagaunts left and only half of my Gargoyles were still alive.

In the Assault phase my Warlord finished off the Gaunts and consolidated towards the Tervigon. My 2nd Tyrants wiffed and his guard managed to kill 1 gaunt.

In my turn 3 my Zoanthrope came in and landed on my right flank closer to the center of the table. My Devourer Gaunts pulled back and moved toward an objective, the Hormagaunts moved toward the center of the table and towards another objective. The Gargoyles moved up to contest the objective held by the Devourer gaunts, and my Warlord moved to get a good angle to charge the Tervigon.

Shooting phase the Gargoyles shot at the Devourer Gaunts killing a few, the Hormagaunts and Devourer gaunts both ran towards their own objectives. The Zoanthrope used Psychic Shriek against the Hive Guard and the Prime with little effect.

Assault Phase the Warlord charged the Tervigon and did a few wound but not enough to kill it, the Tervigon did nothing in return. The Gargoyles charged and killed a few more Devourer Gaunts leaving only 2-3 left, and the other Tyrant managed to kill a few gaunts but 1 still remained after the combat.

We had to call the game at this point as we had gotten a late start and we both had sizeable armies to move around the table. So at the bottom of turn 3 the Score was 4-1, I was able to grab one of the objectives with  my Devourer Gaunts and had Line Breaker. My opponent only had 3 scoring units left all 3 of which were locked in combat, so his 1 point came from First Blood.

I am going to bring the same list to the store again this week to see how it does against a different opponent.

While at the store last week I managed to pick up as used Hive Tyrant, a Carnifex moded to be a tervigon, 16 more hormagaunts and some Ripper Swarms. These were all from one of the younger players at the store who has given up on his Nids and is moveing towards Orks and Dark Angels. It was a pretty good deal but the Tyrant and Fexigon are in some pretty rough shape. This will be a project to just get the layers of paint off, I will have to keep you guys posted.

Till Next Time! Happy Wargaming!

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