Monday, November 19, 2012

Celestial Lion hobby progress.

This last Saturday I was a little board as I was trying to re-install Star Wars: The Old Republic so I decided to get some paint on some of the models that have been sitting around for a bit. I decided to work on my Predator.

On Sunday I woke up with an idea and a little bit of enthusiasm to make up some Sniper Scouts. Now I have been wanting to add some Sniper to the army for a while, but whenever I went to a tournament there would never be any sniper scouts available to pick up as an entry fee or as a prize. I decided to make up my own sniper rifles using the bolters and shotgun and add an extended barrel.

Till Next Time! Happy Wargaming!

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  1. I'm digging the sniper conversions Dracus,I may steal that idea