Sunday, September 30, 2012

The West Cost Podcast Alliance: Golden Ticket Event!

So for those of you who listen to Life After the Cover Save, The Independent Characters, and or Imperial Vox Cast know that they were running a drawing to go to an event to meet and play 40K with the Podcast crews. Well I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the event that RoboEds Thunderdome.

From left to right: Carl (The ICs), Josh "Big Cat" (LAtCS), Mike (IVC), Bill (IVC)

I had a great time at the event. I was able to get in a team game against Bill from the Imperial Vox Cast. It was a pretty bloody fight. The teams were basically mirrored, both sides being Codex Space Marines and Geath Guard Chaos Space Marines. I was on a team with Steve who came down with the IC crew was on my time and played with Carls army. Bill was playing his Death Guard and had Tom/BlackGuard on his team. The game did not start off in our favor, it was a kill points mission and we got hit pretty hard in the beginning. At the end we pulled ahead by 1 or 2 points but Bill and Tom were able to grab the victory when Bills Daemon Prince bested Steve's Daemon Prince in a challenge earning them enough point to put them over the top.

During the second round of games the LAtCS crew started recording a show and had the other podcasters chime in. I am not sure what all they talked about as I was playing a game with Savage Jester who came up from the San Diego area, but I do know that Josh was talking shit about me again while he was talking with Bill.

My second game was Savage Jester was extremely one sided and I felt kind of bad about it. I asked him before the game if Forge World was OK and he asked if I was bringing my Contemptors... I said "Yes" and he was alright with that. I later found out that he was not as failure with the unit as I though he was, as he did not know they had Skyfire and Interceptor. So when his assault squad came in on turn 1 in a drop pod on my objective and my Contemptor Mortis that was facing my objective wiped out 4 of the 5 in the unit and the combat squad finished off the Sgt. The game was pretty much down hill after turn 1 as I destroyed all of his scoring units by the end of turn 3 and when his Storm Raven arrived with 5 TH/SS Terminators in it they were immediately shot down by one of the Contemptors scoring 3 penetrating hits.

Luckily after our game Savage Jester teamed up with Tom from my first game to face off against Big Nasty Blake and RoboEd. It was another though fight for both sides but the LAtCS crew pulled out a win by 1 point.

In reflection it was a great event. I was able to meet with a lot of people I have talked to forums and listen to online. I was great talking with Mike from the IVC about running tournaments and just chit chatting with PrimeBeef and some of the other guys. PrimeBeef has a blog you guys might want to check out, he is a great guy and has some nice paint jobs on his Orks.

I will leave you with some more pictures of the event and I think my next topic to blog about will be on some rules interpretations.

Ok, So Savage Jester has his Storm Raven painted up like Lone Starr's Winnebago from the movie "Space Balls". He even modeled Lone Starr and Barf as the pilot and gunner.

And Till Next Time! Happy Wargaming!

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