Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New hobby progress!

So as you may have noticed I have not been updating the blog recently. As you saw from my last post one main reason has been the weather and not really being in the mood lately. That has changed a bit recently!
I ordered my Special Edition of Dark Vengeance and it took a week and a half to get it after they told me it shipped. Needless to say I was very dissatisfied with the service I got from GW direct after waiting a week when I could have picked it up at my FLGS almost a week before mine came in.

Anyway... I did go ahead a build the kit over the weekend. I was very excited to see the models and really get into the details on the chaos chosen. These chosen models are fantastic! I have really high hope for the rest of the chaos release if the quality is going to be this good or even better.

I don't think I am going to paint any of the Chaos stuff in the set till I see the new Codex and I still need to work on converting the Dark Angels over to Celestial Lions. So it may be a while be for you see any painting progress.

Basic building done.

To get in the spirit of Dark Vengeance and the rumored coming chaos release I have been playing only my chaos marines for the past several weeks and have been doing decently well. I had a 2v1 game a couple weeks ago that I really felt like was hopeless after the first turn. It was Orks and GK vs Chaos at 2k per side. I was able to pull out the win with only 5 infantry models left on the table while my opponents still had 2 riflemen, 2 groups of lootaz, a squad of purifiers and Crow left. In the end I had 1 Noise Marine on my back objective, 3 Thousand Sons and Asp. Sorc on an objective in the center of the table, and Abaddon in my opponents deployment zone. My opponents had 1 objective and most of the secondary objectives. It was a fun game though.

Last night I had an interesting 1500 point game against Eldar. My opponent was a guy I have played a lot in the past but we had not gotten a game in during the last several months, so this was our first 6th ed game together. I saw some units that I had not been used to him bringing... Guardian Jetbikes, Warp Spiders and Wraith Guard. I also built my list to take advantage of some of the newer FAQ changes to the Chaos Marines, like Nurgle Flying Daemon Prince, Chaos Lord with Daemon Weapon, Berzerkers with Power Maul Champ, and 2x Plasmagun Plague Marines.

In the end I was able to take out key targets and get some lucky breaks with my opponent rolling bad luck on his Falcons. We played Vanguard Strike, The Big Guns Never Tire. The game ended with a score of 12-1 in favor of chaos. His 1 point was the First Blood for taking out my Rhino on turn 1. I was able to get all 3 objectives, 2 extra points for killing 2 of his Heavy Support (3x War Walkers and a Falcon) and 1 point for being in his deployment zone.

As it sits I am really looking forward to the new Chaos Codex. I have been following most of the rumors and I really like what I am hearing. I am a little sad that the Helbrute looks to be replacing the Dread only because they are awesome models and I already have 2 dreads and now 1 Helbrute... I want to be able to use more!

Till Next Time! Happy Wargaming!

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