Wednesday, October 3, 2012

40k rules interpretation

So I have been cruising around some of the forums and have seen some rule interpretations that I just can't agree with and though I would share a few of them with you or just vent some of my frustration.

The first one I will bring up is casting Psychic Powers after arriving from reserve. The interpretation I have been seeing is "you are not allowed to cast any powers that are done at the start of the turn, this includes powers that are cast at the start of the movement phase. The movement phase is the start of the turn."

"I can kill you with my brain."

The issue I have with that is that it is simply not true. A turn by phase should look something like this...

Start of the turn
Reserve rolls
   Reserve placement
Movement phase
Shooting phase
Assault Phase
   Charge sub-phase
   Fight sub-phase
End of turn

The rules for reserves states that you can not cast powers/use abilities that must be done at the start of the turn. But who casts powers at the start of the turn? Well for one, Eldar. This wording eliminates the ability to cast Eldar psychic powers as they come on from reserve. This works the same way for Logan Grimnar who can choose a special rule for his squad that the start of the turn, as he is not on the table at the start he may choose a USR.

Mind blown...

When you placing your reserves it states that you will not be allowed to move any further in the Movement Phase. How would that make any since if you were already in the movement phase... it wouldn't, and that is why reserves are done before your normal movement.

EDIT: After going though the rule book again I have changed my stance on this subject. I was reading the "Manifesting Psychic Powers" section on pg.67 and noticed that it states that "On a turn that a psyker arrives from reserve they may not cast any powers that would be cast at the start of the movement phase." I am not sure how I missed that before or how no one I debated with about the issue brought it up. 

The next one that has been bugging me has to do with the recent changes to the Leman Russ Tank. In the IG FAQ 1.1a the Lumbering Behemoth rule was changed so that the vehicle counts as a "Heavy" vehicle. The "Heavy" rule states that your the purpose of determining what weapons can fire and at what Ballistic Skill they always count as being stationary.

Now this is not an issue with most Leman Russ variants. One of my favorites is the Leman Russ Punisher and it can now move 6" and shoot all of it's weapons at full BS.

The issue comes up when firing an Ordnance Weapon like the Battle Cannon or the Demolisher Cannon. The argument I hear is "When you fire an Ordnance Weapon all other weapons can only Snapfire." The issue I have with that is, with the "heavy" rule now on the tank it always counts as being stationary for determining its Ballistic Skill not what weapons it has fired. So as it always counts as Stationary for determining it's BS, Stationary says that it fires at full Ballistic Skill. This means that I can still fire other weapons at my Full Ballistic Skill even though I fired an Ordnance Weapon.

Till next time! Happy Wargaming!

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