Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our 3rd local tournament & some special Thank-Yous.

Lets start with the Thank-Yous. I recently joined the HoP Blog Network (House of Paincakes) and would like to thank Lauby for the spot in the "New Member Monday" post as well as the "User Content - 40k in a Flash + Campaign" post.
The 2nd thank you to Lantz M. over at Santa Cruz Warhammer for the recognition in the "Honor Roll" post for my Celestial Lions Land Raider Crusader I had been working on for a tournament.


To be honest I would have never expected any attention at all as I am just an "Average Joe" that thought I would post some stuff that I have been doing in the hobby and trying to build my local gaming scene. Speaking of which let move on to the local tournament!

This months tournament was 1750 points, and we have doubled in size from our first tournament back in November. We had 8 participants this time around including one of our local 40k celebrities RoboEd from the 40k podcast "Life After the Cover Save". I have changed up the way I run the match-ups and the Sportsmanship, and I think it worked out a little better.

A win was worth 15 points, a draw 10, and a loss was 5. Each missions had three main objectives (kill points, table quarters, holding tactical markers, Etc.), each objective you fulfilled was worth 1 additional point for a max of 18 points per round. As far as Sportsmanship goes I still had them score their opponents from 0-3, but at the end of the tournament they had to pick their favorite opponent. The person with the most votes would win, if there was a tie I would go down to the scores given as the tie breaker.

The 8 armies that showed up were as follows.
2x Blood Angels
2x Dark Angels
Space Marines
Dark Eldar

The Final Table.

After the final Scores were tallied the placement was as follows.
1st- Blood Angels (2 Ravens & 1 Raider)
2nd- Tie! Dark Angels (Red Scorpions "Counts As" Deathwing with Speeders and Pred) / Tyranids (Swarm w/ 2 Tervigons)
3rd- Dark Eldar (Vect Deathstar with Warrior and Wych support)
4th- Orks (Deffrolla Wagons and Trucks)
5th- Blood Angels (2 Baal, 1 Raven, & DOA)
6th- Space Marines (Infantry list, Heavy on Vanguard/Sternguard vets)
7th- Dark Angels (Pure Deathwing with only Terminators and Dreads)

I think everyone had fun and that's what matters. There were some epic moments like when in the final round the Tyranid player "Daddy T" had more gaunts that what I would consider healthy is a small area on the board and kept spawning more.

He must have really wanted that objective.

If you guys are interested in more about the Tournament I posted pictures of every fight HERE.

If you are interested in seeing some very well done Red Scorpion minis and conversions you can check out The Red Scorpions First Company blog by Sting Wing/Phaeron. 

I seem to be getting quite a few hits on magnetizing the Contemptor Dreads and 40k in a Flash (thanks to Lauby). I think I will have to post an overview on how I magnetized my Contemptors and more 40k in a Flash BatReps.

Till next time! Happy Wargaming!

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