Thursday, February 2, 2012

40K in a Flash!

Because we can't all be The Flash!

So I have been running a "40K in a Flash" (from WD 288 I believe, and it was posted on the GW website for years) Campaign at my FLGS for a while now (about 6 months) and it has been going rather slow, but I got a game in this week so I thought I would share it with everyone. The basic concept of "40K in a Flash" is to be able to get a game over in about 40 min from start to finish. There is another version of the game called "40K in 40 Minutes" that I can't seem to locate in my records, but the rules are pretty similar. The basics to the game are everyone starts with the same limitations.

Army starts at 500 points
You must have at least 1 troop choice
You may take up to 1 HQ
You can spend up to 50 points on wargear
No model can have more than 3 wounds
No 2+ saves
No vehicles with a total points value over 200

Now that everyone has the foundation to their army in mind, every player in the campaign starts with 3 territories that they control. These territories augment the basic limitations I stated a second ago. They range from increasing how many points you can spend in your army, increasing the cap on wounds per model, and you have a chance to get a "Spy" who will attempt to sabotage or poison your enemy. The first 3 Territories you get are generated from a chart  with a roll of 2d6. This can lead to some mismatched armies as some may end up having an army worth 800 points while someone else may only have 500 points but can take a Land Raider.

Once you have your territories and you know all your army limitations, it's time to pick an opponent! Now that you have your opponent you generate a new Territory that you will be fighting over and each player wagers a territory. Then you play a game using the standard missions and deployment types in the Big Rule Book.

The winner of the game retains his wagered territory and gets to pick if he wants the new territory that was generated before the game or if he wants the territory that his opponent wagered. Whatever territory the winner does not choose goes to the loser.

Once the campaign goes for a while some people may end up having a lot more territories then another player. This is where the "Underdog" rule comes in. If your opponent has twice as many territories as you, you are declared the "Underdog". The Underdog has some advantages as they get to raid the other players territories. If you are an Underdog in a fight you get to choose the points limit to the game with a minimum of 500 points, but you are still limited to your own territory points cap. You also get to choose what territory you opponent has to wager in the fight. So if you opponent has 800 point army cap you can say that you will only be playing a 500 point game and his extra 300 points are now useless to him.

I will end this here for now and come back in a later post with a small BatRep of the Celestial Lions VS Space Wolves. If you are interested in how our campaign is going you can find it HERE as I have been keeping track of the games on the Life After the Cover Save forum.


  1. really diggin' this write up. Just one question:

    what exactly counts as wargear?

  2. Wargear is considered to be non-mandatory upgrades for your non-vehicle units. In my BatRep list the only wargear points that I used were the Power Fist and the Combi-Melta on the Scout Sargent. All the other upgrades I had were counted against my per-vehicle point cap.

    Some armies have an advantage when it come to the "Wargear issue". IE: A 10-Man tac squads gets free weapon upgrades that a 10-Man CSM squad would count against their Wargear Cap.

  3. Sorry to post this here, but i did not see another way to contact you, would you be willing to talk about 40k in a flash in a brief interview on our podcast?

    Pat, 11th Co.

    1. Sure. I will send you an e-mail to the 11th Co. with my contact info if that works for you.

  4. would it be possible to get more of a feel for how you run the campaign? this is an interesting way to play.