Monday, March 4, 2013

The Black Knights!

Man I have been a bit lack luster of my updates as of late. I feel like I am always busy but also feel like I don't get anything done...

This was a good weekend for me though. I was able to set some time aside a work on putting my Black Knights together and getting some paint on some models.

I also finally got around to taking some pictures of the Dark Vengeance bikes I painted last month!

Here are the new Black Knights!

I have to admit, they look pretty good together also.

Now I gave the Black Knights red beaks on the helmets to show veteran status, this is similar to the red stripe on the Terminator helmets that I did. You will also notice that one of the Black Knights is missing his Plasma Talons. This is because I am planning on sometime in the future to buy some of the DV bikes and turn them into more Black Knights as the kit comes with plenty of extra weapons. I need to make some extra plasma talons to go on these other bikes.

I am also scheming up some interesting tactics to use on the Monstrous Creatures we know we will see with the new Daemon codex release. One idea I had recently was to use the Rad Grenades from the Black Knights to hit a MC to lower their Toughness to 5, then Hit them with a Demolisher Cannon from allied IG. Because Daemon lost Eternal Warrior for the most part this would double out most of the big creatures from the Daemons codex, and I guess it can even work on Tyranids to get rid of the 6 wound baddies like the Tervigon.

My current WIP is the Tac Marines from the DV set. I have a couple colors on them at the moment, I should hopefully be able to finish them tonight if I don't get too distracted.

Till next time! Happy Wargaming!

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