Monday, March 18, 2013

Dark Angels Tac Squad WIP and 2 Bat Reps.

I have been pretty busy lately with hobby work, not necessarily all painting and modeling but trying to get a tournament together, traveling out of the area to meet up with some other gamers, doing Battle Reports and working on stuff for a Podcast.

As far has painting goes I am working on a Dark Angels Tac Squad that came in the Dark Vengeance kit. I am not done with it yet but getting pretty close.

As you can see I an not going for the normal Dark Angels Green, but
rather more of a pre-heresy / The Fallen look to them with the Red and Black. I am going to base them the same as my Space Marines in order to make them feel more cohesive on the field.

And like I said I have been doing a lot of battle reports lately. I have gotten like 4 Battle Reports up in the last 2 weeks including one of them being for Zone Mortalis. I am new to Zone Mortalis along with everyone else in my area, so we are going though trying to learn the differences and having fun with a new way to play. The Battle Report I put up for Zone Mortalis is my 3rd game and my 3rd loss at it so far. So if you would like to see that....

Here you go!

I Just picked up a Tri-pod for my camcorder so hopefully the video is not as shaky. I have had plenty of comments in the past about people being unable to watch the reports due to motion sickness for moving the camera to much, I hope this problem has been resolved.

So this last weekend I took a bit of a trip out to meet up with a group of gamers out in Apple Valley, CA. I met a couple of them before because they are also fans of the Life After the Cover Save podcast. But this weekend I had to go out and defend my honor! One of the guys from the gaming group that I had not met before challenged me to a game of 40k via their Facebook group, and once my wife heard about the challenge she said I had to go. The almost 2 hour drive was not to bad as there was little traffic, but it was rather boring being a pretty strait shot across the empty desert that I had seen countless times when going to see relatives.

In the end I met up with my Challenger "Dan" at his house and we got down to business. 1750 points of his Nurgle Chaos Space Marines with Daemon Allies against my Imperial Guard with Space Marine Allies. It was a fun game as I had to remind him about rolling on the Chaos Boon Table a couple times as well as rolling for his reserves for his Heldrake, but I was also able to talk him into making some mistakes :-) like the sly dog that I am.

If you are interested in seeing that Battle Report....

Here you go!

*Spoiler! Read after watching the report*
One of the big mistakes I was able to talk him into was charging Lysander with the Terminators after he charged me with the Plaguebearers. This helped me as I would be unlikely to make all the saves that the Plaguebearers would put on Lysander, but since he charged me with Typhus and his Terminators he was forced to challenge and I was forced to accept. This drastically reduced the number of saves that I would have to take and in creased my chance of killing his Warlord.

And now tonight I am helping record and episode of Life After the Cover Save as they wanted someone to help with the Chaos Space Marine "Battleforce Breakdown" segment that they do when a new box comes out. I am also going to try and see if I can get a Battle Report done for the Thunderdome Survivor Series game that is going on tonight. The Defending Champion Matt "Daddy T" and his Gray Knights are going to be facing off against Ryan "Kings Fan" and his Blood Angles!

Here is a nice picture of "US Steel" AKA Big Nasty Blake

I am expecting to see 3-4 Storm Ravens on the table for this match so hopefully they will have to maneuver around the crowed sky for some Dog Fighting Action!

I hope to have more content for you guys soon. I hope you are enjoying what I am putting out for you. If you have any comments of suggestions I would really like to hear them. What interests you guys, what would you like to see?

Till next time! Col. Dracus Out!


  1. Cool vids, man - the dark angel tac squad is coming along nicely, too! Looking forward to seeing more of both!

    1. Thank you! I have been working a lot on trying to get my BatReps a little better quality. Picking up a Tripod I think helped quite a bit, now I just have to get used to using it.