Friday, June 1, 2012

Stormtalon cheese?

So after a bit of though I have thrown out an idea of a tactic with the Stormtalon to some forums to get some input on it. Now I will throw it out to you guys.

The Escort Craft special ability states that the Stormtalon can escort a unit with a couple minor exclusions.
The unit can not Deep Strike.
A Stormtalon can not escort another Stormtalon.
A unit can have a max of one Stormtalon escort.

Is this our future?

So this is what I am thinking. What you need to pull this idea off is
A Land Speeder Storm
2x Stormtalons

What you would do is have one Stormtalon escort the scouts and the other escort the Land Speeder Storm. Now the scouts embark onto the Land Speeder Storm and will Deploy via Outflank Reserve.

Now you have 4 units, the Scouts, LSS, and 2x Stormtalons arriving on 1 dice roll all on the same short table edge.

Now some of the feedback that I am getting is that people don't believe you can Escort a unit that is embarked on a transport. I would agree that most common since would go along with that. But this is 40K we are talking about here and common since normally goes out the window.

The simple fact is that this is a new rule that is, most likely, poorly written. As it is a new rule/ability there is no basis to say that you can't in fact escort an embarked unit, and this does fit within the 3 stated requirements listed in the rule.

Each Stormtalon is escorting a different unit. As the Scouts and the Land Speeder Storm are not the same unit.
The Stormtalons are not attached to one another.
And the escorted unit is not arriving vis Deep Strike.

I think we will have to wait for an FAQ before we can say without a doubt that an embarked unit can not have an escort.

Do you guys think this is cheese? If so, why or why not?
Have you come up with any good cheese for the new flyers? If so, what is it?

I look forward to seeing what you guys think.

Till next time, Happy Wargaming!


  1. So long as the scouts are embarked inside the LSS they are one single unit. Similar to how an IC joined to a squad is one single unit. The one single unit of LSS w/ scouts can be escorted by one single ST.

    1. I understand that argument. The issue that you run into is that I can not find anything that actually states something to that effect. A unit being transported is not the same thing as a model joining a unit. The rules for Independent characters now says that they are treated as just another model in the unit. There is nothing like that for transports, in fact even dedicated transports states that a dedicated transport is purchased as part of the unit (as to not take an FOC slot) but is otherwise treated as a separate unit. This is one reason why in the old Dawn of War deployment a HQ that was attached to a Troop in a dedicated transport would fulfill your 1HQ 2Troop max that you could deploy.