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Battle Report: Celestial Lions VS Gray Knights

So I was invited over to DaddyT's house to get in a game of 40K the other night, which was nice because I have been itching for a game. I had written up a new army list I was wanting to try earlier in the day, and DaddyT wanted to try out a Gray Knights list he was planning on using for a tournament. DaddyT thought we should do a BatRep, so here you go!

We decided neither one of us had a specific mission or deployment type we wanted to play so we just rolled randomly. We ended up rolling 1 objective each and Spearhead deployment. DaddyT won the roll for 1st Turn and Deployment.

Table overview.

DaddyT's Gray Knight List: 1749 points
Castellan Crow
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor w/Rad & Psycotroke Grenades

Vindicare Assassin
Venerable Dreadnought w/2x Twin-Linked Autocannons, Psybolt Ammo

6x Purifiers w/2x Psycannons, Daemon Hammer, 3x Halberds, Knight of the Flame w/Digital & Mastercraft Weapon
   Razorback w/Psybolt Ammo & Searchlight

6x Purifiers w/2x Psycannons, Daemon Hammer, 3x Halberds, Knight of the Flame w/Digital & Mastercraft Weapon
   Razorback w/Psybolt Ammo & Searchlight

5x Purifiers w/Psycannon, Daemon Hammer, 3x Halberds, Knight of the Flame w/Digital & Mastercraft Weapon
   Razorback w/Psybolt Ammo & Searchlight

Heavy Support:
Dreadnought w/2x Twin-Linked Autocannons, Psybolt Ammo
Dreadnought w/2x Twin-Linked Autocannons, Psybolt Ammo
Dreadknight w/Heavy Incinerator, Greatsword, Personal Teleporter

DaddyT's Deployment, The Vindicare is hiding on the top left of the building.

Col. Dracus' Space Marine List: 1745 points
Librarian w/Null Zone & Gate

6x Assault Terminators w/TH/SS & Land Raider Crusader w/Multi-Melta
Ironclad Dreadnought w/2x HKM, Heavy Flamer, Meltagun, Drop Pod w/Locator Beacon

10x Tac Squad w/Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Power Weapon
5x Scout Squad w/BP, CCW, Combi-Melta, Powerfist

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder Storm w/Multi-Melta
Land Speeder w/Multi-Melta
Land Speeder w/Multi-Melta

Heavy Support:
Land Raider w/Multi-Melta

Col. Dracus' Deployment, Missile Launcher Combat Squad in the bamboo between the Land Raiders, the Sgt and Melta combat squad are in the Land Raider w/Vulkan. The Terminators are with the Libby in the Crusader. The Land Speeder Storm w/Scouts is Deep Striking and the Drop Pod with Dread comes in turn 1.

I failed to steal first turn.

Turn 1!

The Dread flank moved out to get some better firing angles. The Razor flank made some minor adjustments.

The Gray Knight shooting was not super effective, but he was able to Shake one land speeder, Stun the other and destroy the Twin-Linked Assault Cannon on the Land Raider Crusader and stun it.


The Land Speeder that was able to move, went Flat Out behind some Ruins, The Land Raider moved up a bit and turned to get a better firing angle. The Drop Pod with the Ironclad came down behind the Venerable and Standard Dread.

The Missile from the Tac Squad destroyed the Dread on the Razor Flank, the Land Raider put a wound on the Dreadknight after failing to hit a Razorback, then the Ironclad Wiffed with everything... damn these dice!

Turn 2!

The Dreadknight moved up to get closer to the Land Raider Crusader as it was unable to move last turn. The Razor flank moved up to get more of the Heavy Bolters in range.

DaddyT had some pretty effective shooting this turn. The Venerable Dread shook the Ironclad, but the Vindicare was able to destroy it. The other Dread was able to wreak the Land Speeder that moved Flat Out behind the cover. The Dreadknight fired at the Land Raider Crusader and was able to pick off a Marine from the Missile squad. The Dreadknight declared a charge on the Crusader but was out of range by about half an inch.


The Land Speeder Storm and Scouts did not arrive from reserve. But now that the Dreadknight was is my assault range I disembarked the Terminators and moved in on it. The Crusader was now able to move forward and did so. The Land Raider also moved forward and the Land Speeder jumped over the barrier to get a nice rear shot on the Venerable Dread.

The Libby cast Null Zone in order to help ensure the death of the Dreadknight in the Assault. The Land Speeder was able to get an immobilized result on the Venerable Dread, DaddyT asked me to re-roll the result and I was able to get a Wreak! The Land Raider split it's fire to shoot at 2 of the Razorbacks and was able to explode the Razorback in the front but doing nothing to the one behind it.

In the Assault the Dreadknight was able to kill 2 of the Assault Terminators, but was killed in return. The Terminators consolidated back towards the Crusader to get ready to embark in my next turn and to provide it cover.

Turn 3!

The last dread moved in position to fire at the Land Speeder. While one Razorback moved back towards his objective and the other moved  forward and disembarked its passengers in order to get some extra Psycannon shorts on the Land Raider.

The Gray Knights Dreadnought was able to Stun the Land Speeder. The Vindicare Assassin was able to Stun the Crusader. The Psycannons from the Purifiers were unable to damage the Land Raider but their Razorback started to target the terminators with some effect.


The only real movement I had on this turn was the arrival of the Land Speeder Storm, the Terminators embarking in the Crusader, and the Land Raider pivoted on the spot towards Crow.

The Land Raider fired it's Lascannons and Multi-Melta at Crow killing him and it's Heavy Bolter at the Purifiers killing a few. The Missile Marines fired a Blast at the Purifiers also, but scattered off doing no damage. The Land Speeder Storm was able to take an arm off the Dreadnought while the embarked Scouts fired at the Vindicare Assassin killing him.

Turn 4!

This turn DaddyT decided to get the squad he had just disembarked back into their vehicle as it would be safer for them in case the Terminators came after them. He also moved the Razorback by his objective closer to the Land Speeder and disembarked the purifiers. The Dreadnought moved back away from the Land Speeder.

This was probably one of DaddyT's better turns of shooting. The Dreadnought destroyed the Land Speeder, and the disembarked Purifiers destroyed the Land Speeder Storm, but caused no damage to the Scouts. The diminished squad of Purifiers and newly embarked Razorback shot at the Missile Marines and wiped out the unit.


This turn I moved the Crusader up and disembarked the Terminators. The Land Raider moved back so the Tac Marines are now holding my objective. The Scouts moved over towards the Dreadnought and away from the Gray Knight objective.

My shooting was minimal this turn and my assaults had little effect. The Terminators were able to kill a purifier and immobilize the Razorback in an multi-assault and lost a Terminator to tie the combat. The Scouts were only able to immobilize the Dreadnought.

Turn 5!

This turn the Purifiers that destroyed the Land Speeder Stormed moved into the ruined building to hold their objective. Their razorback moved forward, and the Purifiers and the Inquisitor in the other Razorback disembarked to help in the assault against the Terminators.

The Terminators ended up getting wiped out without doing any damage to the Gray Knights. One of the Terminators gave a valiant effort to kill the Inquisitor but was unable to land a single hit. The Scouts on the other hand were able to wreak the Dreadnought and consolidate towards the Gray Knight objective.


This turn I took a dangerous terrain test to move the Crusader thought the communication shack in the center of the board. Now because we did not want to put it on top of the small shack we just set it off to the side. The Tac marines disembarked from the Land Raider to hold my home objective and the Land Raider moved forward to get a shot on the immobilized Razorback. The Scouts moved and ran towards the Gray Knight objective in range to control/contest it.

The Land Raider was able to destroy the immobilized Razorback and take the damaged Purifier squad down to 1. The Land Raider Crusader Stunned the other Razorback with it's Multi-Melta and fired all of it's other weapons at the Inquisitor squad, taking the Inquisitor down to 1 wound left and killing a Psycannon Marine. 

If the game ends the Celestial Lions will win 1-0...

Turn 6

The Purifiers in the ruined building shifted to get better LOS on the Scouts. The Inquisitor squad moved closer to the Gray Knight objective.

The Gray Knights in the ruins shot the Scouts leaving only the Sgt left. The Inquisitors Squad destroyed the Drop Pod. The Purifiers that shots the Scouts then charged the Scout Sergeant killing him and claiming their Objective.


At this point of the game I know that DaddyT's best case scenario is to play for a tie as he has no units near my objective to contest it. In my last ditch effort to get the win I took another Dangerous Terrain test on the Crusader and move it 12" towards the Gray Knight objective. I figured that I was close enough but to make sure I disembarked the Librarian that had been using it as his mobile bunker all game.

Once I had everyone in place I had the Land Raider throw it's fire into the Inquisitor squad killing a Halberd a Marine. I tried to get them to make a moral test but they did not take enough casualties. Same when for the Marines on the GK objective. I fired a set of Hurricane Bolters though the window killing 1, but not enough to force a test.

Now at the end of turn 6, If the game ends Celestial Lions win 1-0.

Game Over!

Luckily for me, DaddyT rolls a 3 and the game ends.

Victory for the Celestial Lions, handing DaddyT only his 2nd loss with his Gray Knights.

The Tac Marines that won me the game.

This was a real back and forth game and I have to thank DaddyT for having me use some of his dice. Early in the game my dice were rolling nothing but 1s and 2s. Once I switched dice things ran a little more average. I think my biggest advantage this game was the 2 Land Raiders. The AV14 is tough for this style of GK list to crack. DaddyT was getting quite a few Glancing Hits on the Land Raiders through out the game, but the best damage he was able to do was remove the Assault Cannon on Turn 1.

Overall it was a great game for a Friday night, we were able to have some fun and drink some beers. What more can you ask for. 

Let me know if you guys liked this BatRep and I will try and see about doing more.

Till next time, Happy Wargaming!

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