Thursday, September 1, 2011

Incoming Drop Pod!

Well, after the tournament on Saturday I spent some time hanging out with a friend on Sunday building models. I started on my first of several Space Marine Drop Pods. When I opened the box and started looking at the instructions I was surprised to see that the build only had 3 steps. Now looking at the instructions a little closer I did see that there were several things being accomplished in each of the steps, but still 3 steps is rather simple.

After completing the build I was very impressed with how easily the model when together and with how easy it was to magnetize the  storm bolter/missile launcher part, and how I was able to keep the model in several parts yet it would still hold together so that I can use it in a game before I take the whole thing apart to prime and paint it.
Here are some pictures of the Pod assembled and in parts ready to be primed and painted.

I think in my next builds of the Drop Pod I will magnetize the center console so that it can be removed and used as a dreadnought drop pod for the Conptempter Pattern Dreads that I am working on.

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