Friday, September 16, 2011

'Ard Boys

With the Semi-Final round of 'Ard Boys tomorrow I am making some last minute adjustments to my list. I am not going in with the idea that I am going to win the whole thing as I know that there will be a lot of stiff competition here in the L.A. area. IGJames from my local store (who went 7-0 at the Bay Area Open) is going as well as some of the guys from Two Smoking Bolters are coming in town all the way from Las Vegas. I hope to put up a good fight and have some fun playing new people and new armies.

Right now there are a couple things that may become an issue with getting to 'Ard Boys. 1)Today (the day before 'Ard Boys)  is my wife's birthday and we are having a party at our place. It might be hard to get some sleep. 2) I called the store that is holding the event to verify that I was on the list and... they did not have the list there. Also they are moving locations and the new store is not ready so the tournament is not being held at the store. The employee I spoke to said that the person who has the RSVP list should be calling everyone with the address and directions of how to get to the event location. When asked when I should receive a call he said "in a couple hours."
So now not only do I have to fight off drunk people I have to find an unknown event location for an event that will start at an unknown time...

This should be fun. I will try to take some pictures for everyone. I will be the giant of a man with the LAtCS t-shirt on. LAtCS = Life After the Cover Saves, this is a pod cast that a few local gamer's started about 40k and poop jokes. Check them out unless you are easily offended @

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