Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moving along with the hobby.

Ok, so I finally have an update that is decent. I have been working on my Nerd Cave lately and found some time to do some hobby work!

So hobby stuff first!

I finished my May commitment for the Hobby Progress Challenge! YAY. I was a bit worried last week when I knew I did not have much time left and a lot to still paint. But I was able to finally find some time between work, after work meetings, and other family and social obligations.

So as you probably remember from my last post I committed to painting 11 drones, 5 XV8 Crisis Suites and a Devilfish this month.

Well it was quite a daunting task but here is the end result...

The models are all done as well as the basing. I did not paint the weapons yet, as I am still not sure what the final load-outs will be, but everything is magnetized so I can always change it later.

I also just realized that I have painted everything in my list for the 1850 points hobby progress challenge, the down side is that is an old list so I still have to change the list to the current codex...

In other good news!

My Mantic Forge Fathers finally arrived from MWG! it only took like 6-7 weeks...

So we still have some more hobby progress to look forward to!

Now for the Nerd Cave update!
My wife kicked my hobby stuff out to the garage a while ago and I have slowly been making progress to improve it.

So before I had 1 table and about 2.5-3 tables worth of terrain. Well I had some buddies over to watch the Ultramarines movie and get some games in so I decided it was time to build another table.

I also decided that I needed to make even more terrain...

So here is a pic of one of the first games on the new table. I have not played on it yet, so I can't speak to how easy or hard it is to use the terrain.

And now for my latest additions to the nerd cave...

I picked up a TV and a Wii for free! Can't beat that deal. So now we can stream Netflix while we play our games. We also have Guitar Hero and a N64 to play for those who are not currently playing a game. 

Now you can see that I have been really busy with stuff and finding the time has been an issue. But I have more to work on so you can still look forward to more updates.

Till Next Time!
Dracus Out!


  1. Now that's one well kitted Nerd Cave! I'm jealous of the space!

    Definitely dig the white and blue scheme on the Tau, that's looking sharp. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words.