Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Army Update and other stuff.

Well it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post... it does not feel like it though. Well here is some stuff I have been up to. I ran another Tournament at my FLGS, we had some new faces show up from Bakersfield. One of them being Biffomatic, A blog follower, ended up winning with his
DCA Gray Knight list. We look forward to seeing him and his friends some future tournaments. This month we have a Random Teams 1,000 point Tournament set up, the requirements are 1HQ and 1 Troop and there is not going to be any buy-in. Hopefully this will encourage more people to come out and have some fun rolling dice.
One of Biffs current WIP.

During this time I also got to sit in on the 2nd round of the Life After the Cover Save "Thunder Dome Survivor Series". It was an interesting game of Tyranids (defending champ) VS Blood Angels (Lascannon Heavy Mech). You can catch the show HERE if you are interested.

(Top) Our current "Thunder Dome" Champ from a recent tournament.
(Bottom) Red Scorpions, StingWing

This last weekend I had a drive down to the LA Battle Bunker for a 1,000 point Team Tournament Season Opener that was put on by GamesIPlay. My partner was Elric from Return of the Gamer. He ran our troops and an Elite with his Dark Eldar while I ran our HQ (Master of the Forge) with our Heavy Support (3 Dreads) and 2 Elites (2 more Dreads). We had a blast in our games. Our record for the day was 1/1/1 We started out strong with a Total Victory against a CSM/GK team, the tied our second game on the last die roll against a BA/SW team, and lost our last game against SW/Tau. DAMN THOSE RAILGUNS!


As I was down at the Bunker I was able to meet up with Alec from Apocalypse 40k to pick up the Forge World GamesDay exclusive Boarding Action Marine. Now that I have had a chance to really look at this model it is chocked full of detail. At this points I think I will leave it alone as I have some other projects to work on, but this thing is awesome!

Thanks again Alec!

On the note about Forge World and the Bunker...my Forge World order came in that I placed when I was at the Bunker for the 25th Anniversary. The new packaging for Forge World is a nice blister pack. I hope this means they plan on having easier access to Forge World product at the local stores. I did have 2 issues with my order though. One of my Contempter Dread Kheres Assault Cannons was missing 2 of the barrels and one of the Cyclone Missile Launcher packs was missing the head. I cough the missing barrels while I was at the store and they were are to put a new order in for me, but I did not catch the missing head till I was at home cleaning the parts. So I went ahead and called the bunker and they were able to re-order the CML also. It was nice not to have to fight over missing parts, everything seemed to go smoothly.

So here is the progress I have made on the new Contemptor parts.

Kheres Assault Cannons and CMLs built

I ended up replacing the missing barrels with some Toothpicks. At first I tried paper clips but they were to thin. The Toothpicks seem to be perfect.


  1. Nice! Those Contemptors look great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with the boarding marine model. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! I got a game in with them last night. They did some good work against the Orkz till PK Nobs got to close. I am hoping to get the arms painted this weekend, so I will post some new pics when they are done.