Monday, November 14, 2011

Modeling update and my time as a new TO.

Well as I was given 11/11/11 off to honor all our great Veterans that have served our great nation I spent my time painting some Tac Marines that will one day become veterans of the 41st millennial. I got down to business and painted 6 Tac Marines that I posted some pics of in my last entry, as well as I built my 2nd Contemptor Dread but not the arms (need to order more magnets), and got some last minute items together for the first 40k tournament I would be running.

Lets start off with the Tac marines. When I first started working on the idea for this army I used the Space Marine Painter over at and it looked like this...

Well I think I got close to that with my actual models.

As I said as well that I put together the body of my 2nd Contemptor. I needed to make his base before I could really start putting it together as I was unsure how he would be standing on the base. I did not want to do another column on the base like I did for the first one, so I decided to go for some steps like I did for some of the Terminators. So here is a pic with the first Contemptor.

Besides all this modeling and painting I was the TO for what will hopefully become a monthly 40k tournament at my FLGS. It was a simply Win/Loss format with no battle points. I was going to make some of my own missions but with this being the first time around I figured it would be best to use something a little more established... like the AdepticCon missions. I did catch some flack for letting everyone know that I would be allowing Forge World units to be used as long as they had the model or a very close stand in (regular drop pod can count as a dreadnought drop pod), but that they must have the newest book/Data sheet for what they would want to use. All FW items would first have to be approved by me and that no formations, super heavies, or gargantuan creatures would be allowed. In the end though no one even brought any FW so it did not matter, then again only 4 people came. But even though turn out was low we were able to give out over $100 in prizes, everyone got to play each other, and I got to watch some interesting games. There were very few questions overall and everything went smoother then I could have hoped.

The tournament ended with Blood Angels taking 1st going 3-0 and received $65 in GW product. Best painted when to Necrons and received $25 in GW product, and the Best Sportsman when to a Space Wolves player who also received $25 in GW product.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures for you guys, but if you would like me to take some of the next tournament let me know and I will be happy to show off some of our local armies. Heck maybe next time we can talk Faolain from to join in, I am sure we would be the top contender for best painted just by showing up.

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